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Episode 266: Navigating Careers: Insights from The Celebrate Group with Joe Stetter

Episode 266: Navigating Careers: Insights from The Celebrate Group with Joe Stetter


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Want to become more heart-centered? There’s a new playbook in town! Deb has released her first book The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook: How to Master the Art of Heart in Life & Leadership. Get your copy now here on our official Amazon link!

With over 25 years of navigating diverse career paths, Josef Stetter emerges as a beacon of guidance in business consulting and coaching. Having transitioned across nine different careers and held 18 distinct roles, Josef understands the challenges of resume tailoring, skill showcase, and the constant quest for the perfect professional fit.

His expertise extends to over two decades in recruiting, collaborating with a spectrum of companies, from global enterprises to local businesses, spanning industries such as Fintech, Accounting, Software Development, Pharmaceuticals, and more. Notable names among his clients include Tata Consulting Services, Deloitte, Skechers Shoes, and Apotex Pharmaceuticals.

In his career coaching journey, Josef Stetter has crafted success stories that challenge industry norms. From transforming a product manager's job search to helping a recent immigrant break through the "lack of Canadian experience" barrier, Josef's 'Land Your Dream Job Now' program showcases the transformative power of personalized strategies.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Josef Stetter is a devoted father of two, a committed husband, and a lover of salsa dancing and global exploration. As an accomplished author of 11 internationally recognized books, an award-winning speaker, and a Guinness World Record participant, Josef brings a unique blend of passion, energy, and expertise to redefine success in the job search landscape.

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