May 26 • 14M

Episode 236: A Journey of Gratitude, Growth, and Transformation: Season 3 Reflections with Deb Crowe

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Deborah (Deb) Crowe
Every single imperfection adds to your leadership, join Deb Crowe as she speaks with Heart-Centered Leaders from around the world.
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Want to become more heart-centered? We invite you to join us on Deb’s Dailies (daily blog and newsletter), a daily reflection on living and loving life as a heart-centered leader.

In this special solo episode, join host Deb Crowe as she takes a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible guests and dedicated listeners who have been a part of this transformative season.

She will take you on a reflective journey, sharing the highlights of the past month for both the show and herself. As she delves into the depths of her experiences, she opens up about the incredible process of writing her upcoming book. Through this journey, she has discovered valuable insights and personal growth that she can't wait to share with you.

This episode is not only a moment of gratitude but also a chance for Deb to provide a glimpse into her current state of mind. She'll let you in on how she's been doing this month, the lessons she's learned, and the excitement she feels as she eagerly anticipates the start of the next season in July.

Join Deb for this heartfelt and inspiring episode as she embraces gratitude, growth, and a hopeful look toward the future. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and uplifted as she shares her personal journey and offers valuable insights for your own path.

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