Mar 17 • 40M

Episode 226: Executing Business Strategies with Monte Pedersen & Wayne Nelsen

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Monte Pedersen enjoyed a 35-year professional career in the managed services industry before deciding in 2016 to start a leadership and training firm focused exclusively on helping organizations manage “Strategy Execution.”

His marching orders became; to help deliver “Business Freedom” for small to middle-sized businesses and organizations.

He is a lifelong learner and student of truly human leadership principles, an avid golfer, above average cook, and an Oenophile constantly searching for the best bottles of wine under $20 (US). He resides in the United States in the great Midwestern hamlet of Galena, Illinois, with his wife and daughter.

Wayne Nelsen is the founder and President of Keyne Insight Consultants. A leadership training firm whose expertise resides in the implementation and facilitation of the KeyneLink Performance Agreement Framework. Wayne believes that the inability of leadership teams to execute their strategic objectives is the single biggest issue in business today, and has made it his lifelong mission to change that.

Beyond helping clients to manage execution, Wayne enjoys martial arts, racing motorcycles, and recently learned how to fly and earned his pilot’s license.

He offices and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

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